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colour therapy consultations in algave

Chromotherapy/Colour-Therapy is the application of different frequencies of light (Color) in specific areas or points of the body, for the treatment of various physical, mental and emotional problems, Restoring Health and general well-being.

colour therapy
colour therapy in algarve portugal


In the consultation, the therapist initially makes a diagnosis where the emotional, physical or psychological problems that the patient can present are identified. It is also diagnosed any energy failure that can occur in the subtle body (Aura) and energy centers (Chakras).

A report is then made of the patient's health history, including medication and treatments made or ongoing at the time. Contraindications (if any) are analyzed and the necessary and appropriate treatment is then drawn.

Several methods are used in treatments, to restore health and balance.

These include: Baths of spectral light, Chromopuncture (application of light apparatus at acupuncture points) through a torch of light with natural crystal tip, application of beams of colored light in the chakras, solarized water, natural silks applied in each chakra and therapeutic crystals



* Anaemia

* Asthma

* Arthritis

* Bronchitis

* Viral and bacterial infections

* Depressions

* Apathy

* High and low blood pressure

* Diabetes

* Chronic fatigue

* Kidney stones

* Digestive problems

*  Gallblader Stones 

* Infertility

* Impotence

* Thyroid problems

* Tumors

* And many other physical or emotional hurts!

 ** Colour-therapy is also an excellent therapy to align, strengthen and balance our energy centers (Chakras) and for Aura cleanings, resulting in physical, emotional and mental well-being

colour therapy in algarve lagos
colour therapy in portimao algarve


crystal healing
alice campos crystal healer in algarve portimao

Crystals are living creatures, ancestors, of strong vibration, they contain the curative powers of Mother Earth and all mineral world.

They contain the Earth's DNA and all the information of our evolution and the creation of the universe.

Crystals are fantastic natural energy magnifiers; they absorb, preserve, renew, regulate, unlock, release, and amplify the energy with which they interact

Every living thing consists of energy, and our whole system is made up of different vibrations, wavelenghts and frequencies. When we are physically, psychologically and emotionally healthy, our body emits a rhythmic and harmonious vibration. When we are not well, this harmonious rhythm is broken.

With a very high and rhythmic vibration, the crystals radiate pure and imperturbable energy. They emit their incredible vibrations of structure, harmony and balance. When used in different parts of our body, their vibration come in contact with ours, returning our energy / vibration back to harmony. Restoring health and integral well-being.

crystal healing in algarve
crystal therapy in algarve portimao


hot stone massage

Therapeutic massage with natural stones of basalt and crystals.
The action of hot basalt stones, combines the benefits of thermal massage with the healing properties of natural volcanic stones of basalt and other minerals. This massage acts naturally on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and internal organs in a deep, relaxing, pleasant and strongly healing way.
Main Benefits of this Massage:
* Promotes Detoxification and Weight Loss
* Reduces physical and emotional stress
* Improves circulation
* Increased lymphatic drainage
* Effective in Ulcer treatments
* Helps in menstrual cramps
* Relieves muscle or joint pain
* Activates vital energy by reducing fatigue
* Promotes relaxation,

Helps decrease depressive states
* Helps in cases of insomnia

* And much more..

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acu sound healing

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Sound therapy is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to a person's body and mind in order to restore harmony and health. Based on the theory that everything in the universe is made up by vibration. Sound therapy is possible because all the cells and organs of our body vibrate at a particular and unique frequency. Our body is healthy when all cells and organs create a resonance in harmony with our whole being. As a well tuned musical instrument, our body emits a rhythmic and harmonious vibration. When an organ or chakra vibrates in disharmony, we are affected in several ways, resulting in physical, emotional or mental malaise. Through the use of sound therapeutic instruments, the purpose of this therapy is to tune that vibration by attuning the body and mind back to their original and harmonious vibrational state.

Restoring health and integral well-being.

For this vibrational treatment, tuning forks with exact frequencies are used. These tuning forks are applied to acupuncture points and Chakras so vibration quickly reaches all cells of the body through our energy system of Chakras and meridians. Tibetan bowls are also used at the beginning and end of treatment to stimulate and harmonize our vibrational rhythm.

** This therapy is beneficial in the treatment of:

  • stress,

  • depression,

  • muscle pain,

  • physical and emotional trauma,

  • headaches,

  • hormonal dysfunctions,

  • cysts in the ovaries and uterus etc.*


sound healing in algave

** A Sound Therapy session is also great for revitalizing body and mind, aligning the chakras and clearing the Aura.**

CMA registred therapist
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