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The  Aura and photography   allows us to know the state of our energetic body. It is in this energetic body that is contained all the information of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. By detecting the faults of the energy body, and treating them properly, we prevent these faults from manifesting as diseases of the body.

Our aura photography system, "Aura Video Station", is a biofeedback system, which involves the immediate return of information on the physical, mental and emotional processes occurring in our body through bio-sensors connected to specific electronic points of the hands. Through these sensors, the system measures a series of body data, these data are processed, analyzed and related to specific energy, physical, emotional and mental states of the person.

Each type of personality, emotion, physical or psychological state has an associated color, and these colors are revealed and presented in a Aura photography.

A full reading is then made, interpreting all the colours present in the Aura and the quality of the energy running through the Chakras

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