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feng shui consultant in algarve

                   FENG SHUI


FENG SHUI , in English, translates to Wind and Water.Water creates all matter, Wind or life energy (Qi/Shi) animates all matter, creating all life on earth..

Feng shui analises the energy in the environment we live in, wich results from the interaction between cosmic energy, earth energy and our own energy.

As individuals, it`s no secret that we all have areas in our lives that require help and balance.

To achieve fulfillment in our lives, we need to tap into the positive qi/shi (life energy) in our environment. By tapping into this naturally powerful energy, we are able to increase our level of wellbeing and bring harmony to the various aspects of our existence.

 Feng Shui reveals the hidden mysteries of the universe and provides us with a way of living harmoniously with them. It allows us to recognise where blocks of energy occur in the natural or in the man-made environments and how this affects us all, on a daily basis. When the balance is restored, harmony prevails making a significant improvement to our living.

Feng shui deals with aspects of health, wealth, relationships, self development, love, career, family, creativity, coincidences, and any other importante aspect in life.

Any excess or lack of a specific energy/element in our environment can create difficulties and struggles in life, sometimes impossible to bear.


A feng shui consultation identifies and analysis any imbalances in the environment and, with the implementation of appropriate cures, such as, correct placement of objects or the use of colours, materials and shapes associated with each of the five elements of FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER, WOOD, we can restore balance and acquire better quality in all aspects of life.


There is a saying: "Too much wealth deteriorates the health." This is very true and should be applied to all aspects of life; BALANCE is the way to a happy living.


Feng Shui is not about superstition or the use of special objects, it is based in the ancient science of classical feng shui (Chinese Metaphysics), and is about tapping into the natural energies of the environment, and it`s elements, in order to improve your quality of life and help you achieve your goals.


Most feng shui tips, available everywere, are based in a very superficial and unrelliable way of dealing with Feng Shui. We can't and shouldn't use a unique formula when applying feng shui because every space is unique and every individual is exclusive.

Therefore it is recommended to have a proper analysis of the space and its inhabitants before introducing Feng Shui.

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- Astrological analysis for each family member in the house to determine individual needs.


- Analysis of the house using "Form school" method. Form school is the study of the correct placement of human habitats within the environment and brings great benefits to the household when put into prctice.


- Dowsing for geopathic stress (underground energies that can influence your health). Cure it if needed.


- Feng Shui compass (Luo Pan) readings, to establish accurate compass directions within the house.


- In depth analysis of the energies within the house using "Time and Space Flying Star" method.

Flying Star is, in essence, a map of the Qi (energy) in the property, this method allows us to know the quality of energy in each sector of the house and to use it in our benefit. It is the most dinamic and accurate method to analyse and make the most of the energies in a house.


- Report / discussion of the findings with cures and advice to clear negative energies and enhance the good ones.


**The Feng shui consultation Is done in two phases.

First the consultant visits the property to colect information and take compass readings, at this phase a floor plan will be required as well as birth dates of the family members in the house / dwellers, we will also need the age of the building. We then book the second visit where all the findings will be explained and cures

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