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    Alice Campos

Alice Campos at avalon therapy center

The energies of the natural world and its different applications are something that makes so much of who I am that I can not tell if there was a specific moment that sparked my interest in this world or if I was simply born attuned to it...

The fascination with the world of color and minerals accompanies me from an early age and has always caused me an enormous "thirst" for the knowledge of these science.

I began my journey in the world of Color and Crystals more than 25 years ago. Passionate about these wonderful energies, I began then studies on the physical and energetic attributes of these forces of Nature. In addition to all the literature, I attended several workshops in the United Kingdom on Crystal Therapy with author "Philip Permutt" and author and master "Melody", and Chromotherapy with author Pauline Wills.
I completed professional training in both these therapies with the "British School Of Yoga"  and with Philip Permutt - "The Crystal Healer" both in the UK.


My journey as a mere apprentice of the fantastic beings of Light that are the crystals, and of all the other energetic frequencies available around us (light, color, sound, etc.), will continue until the end of my stay in this plane of existence .. May the universe allow it .. ♥


** "Advanced Color Therapy Practitioner Diploma" - By British School of Yoga

** "Advanced Crystal Healing Diploma" - By British School of Yoga

** "Crystal Healing Level 3 - Advanced Practitioner Course" - By Philip Permutt

** "Acu-Sound Healing Diploma" - By Earth Angels Clinic

** "Hot Stone Massage diploma" - By earth Angels Clinic

** "Feng Shui Practicioner Diploma" - By Feng Shui Institute London

** Currently completing the Ayurveda Technician course **

Other Qualifications:

**  9 Rites of Munay Ky 

** Womb Keeper 


 ** I am a member of the CMA (Complementary Medical Association).

About 10 years ago, another great fascination came to me, Feng Shui. At that time interest in this science led me to search for and absorb all the information available on the market. Confused by the disparity / contradiction of information and thirsty to truly know this science I decided to enroll in the traditional Feng Shui professional course at the Feng Shui Institute in London. This training (which I concluded in 2012) includes the following areas of Feng Shui:

- Compass School  San Yuan

- Xuan Kong, Flying Star

- Form School 

- Wu Xing or the 5 elements and their phases

- The 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams

- Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture 

- Ba gua

- Bazi / Four Pillars of destiny

- 9 star Ki.


Alice Campos crystal healing
Alice Campos therapist
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